Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movie Review: The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

By Sai

This movie is awesome! I just can't explain how delighted I am with this movie!


One of the issues that the movie tackled is animal testing. We are all aware that our medicine, beauty products and other stuff at home were tested with animals before they hit the counter for our consumption. In a human's view, this is okay because that is for the welfare of mankind but the question here is: "How about the animals?"

We have animal activists who are against this and I felt their opinion in this movie. I am an animal lover (dog lover to be specific) myself and I cannot bear that thought that animals go through the hands of cruel people who injects them with different chemicals and beat them up (like the scene at the cage).


I was really touched by this dialogue and scene. Though Caesar grew up with humans, he felt the need of being with his own kind. I love Caesar for his love and compassion to Will and his dad. He's so adorable and is definitely one of a kind! This scene depicts that truth that our pets (dogs, turtles, monkey, cats, etc) needs their natural habitat. Sometimes I feel so bad for hamsters running through a wheel :( They deserve the wild. As a pet owner, it's hard to let of someone that has been part of your family and of your heart but if they want to be free we have to set them free!

I really recommend this movie! This is a must-see film! I hope the trailer below will convince you to watch the movie soon!

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