Monday, February 14, 2011

Orosman at Zafira: Play Review

By Sai
Orosman at Zafira Cast

It was my first time to watch Orosman and Zafira and I am so amazed! I'm not used to watching local plays and Orosman at Zafira made my first time a history!

Jay Gonzaga as Orosman

Yes, I like Orosman hahaha. His abs are so toned. It makes me want to get a coffee and sip my favorite decaf while looking at his abs (kidding aside). Jay Gonzaga, who played the character of Orosman, has a great voice, a nice body and is a great actor!

Maita Ponce as Zafira

Maita Ponce is very lovely! She's got a nice body too! Oh, how I wish I have a beautiful flat tummy like hers hahaha. Her voice is perfect. Her acting is award-winning!


It was hard to catch every word they say in the play. It's given because the author, Francisco Baltazar, is indeed a good Filipino writer. His choice of words are very deep. He's like the Filipino version of Shakespeare. Though I had some moments where I can't understand the words they're saying, I still enjoyed the play! I am a very keen observer and everyone, who has a big or small role in the play, really did well!

Catch Orosman at Zafira on Feb. 18 (8pm), 19 (10am 3pm 8pm), 25 (8pm) and 26 (3pm and 8pm) at SM Mall of Asia Centerstage!


  1. When did you watch? Haha, i'll be watching on satyrday! :)


  2. Hi Erielle,

    I watched it last Feb. 4 ^_^ Feel free to drop your comment once you've watched it! It's a great play!


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