Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tangled Movie Review

By Sai
I'm sorry if I haven't posted as much movie review as I use to post before. Things are getting a bit heavy (especially with my day job so please bear with me)! So, here's my next movie review - Tangled!


I am a big fan of animated movie! Whoever made this movie is amazing! I can't even draw a flower properly and I am just so amazed with animators' talents! Kudos to everyone who made this movie possible!


I can't imagine myself being locked up in a tower in the middle of nowhere! I actually admire how Rapunzel bravely faced the world that's new to her! She's one brave young lady!

We've all experienced that feeling of wanting to scream out loud and just fly (if possible), right? Well, I did! Every time I get the chance to do something that my parents won't allow me to do it's just making me so hyper haha :P This movie is perfect for teenagers and, critically speaking, it has two major lessons for me:

  1. Follow your parents... because they know what's best for you.
  2. Follow your heart.

We don't have to argue if you don't agree. This is just what I think :P For most teens, parents are their number one enemy. They can't party 'til dawn because their parents won't allow that. They can't drink all night long because their parents won't allow that either. They can't smoke or their allowances will be decreased. (Based on my own experience haha)

Teens should always keep in mind that their parents want what's best (and nothing but the best) for them. I've been there and I, personally, set my "world-ly desires" aside and followed my parents. All the things that we want will be given to us at the right time. Now that I'm working, my dad can't tell me not to do this and that. I can do my thing haha :P


This applies not only to teens. This applies to all. There are times when we feel like we don't belong or that we were meant for something else. Believe me! When confusion strikes, you have to think not only twice! You can't do something that you're not passionate about. If you are this person, boy oh boy! You surely are wasting your time. Find some time to relax, unwind and think. Take a short vacation and allow yourself to think about the things you love and don't love about your current job or career. It's a pre-requisite that you love what you do in life for you to be happy. Happiness is not about the amount of money you are getting paid for just to do something that you don't love. Happiness comes from being stressed and consumed but at the end of the day you still smile and tell yourself, "Hey, I accomplished something! I really love this!"

I hope you like my movie review :)


  1. I was truly well frightened when Mother Gothel becomes ugly towards Rapunzel in the end and her true form takes shape in the presence of Rapunzel. It was a pleasant surprise to see the guys from the Snuggly Duckling Pub come to Flynn’s rescue as they did. I liked all of the action in this adventure fairy tale. Even though this is the most expensive cartoon ever made in history I didn’t have to pay a thing for it because of my free Blockbuster membership I received with my new DISH Network employee account. I was surprised when they told me it was available to all new customers which has worked out well saving money on entertainment.

  2. Is it true? This is the most expensive cartoon ever made in history? Gee! That's a trivia right there Bryon :) Thanks for dropping by!


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