Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Rite Movie Review

By Sai

Most of us experience that point in our life where we doubt what we believe in. We question the belief that the elders are passing unto us. It is a necessity for us to believe in something.


Faith is something that some of us doesn't have. Faith defines how well we believe in something and it gives us the reason to fight for it. When someone asks you about faith you automatically think of having faith in the Almighty One. I actually find this movie a bit hilarious (story-wise) because Fr. Michael Kovak has nothing but the eagerness to scorn both the belief that there's heaven and hell.

We don't have to see something in order to believe in it. Sometimes we just have to believe. This is my belief especially about religion and heavenly topics. I am human and I admit that I came to a point where I question things but, sometimes, there are things that you just have to believe or else you'd fall for nothing!


I find Fr. Kovak's personality weird. Why? I never thought that he decided to study theology but he's not a firm believer of the Almighty One and the irony is that he doesn't believe in the opposite power either. He believes in science and he proves that there's a scientific explanation for everything. 


Fr. Kovak challenged the demon in this movie and so he got it! Oh my, oh my! All I can say is he is very brave! I just feel sorry for the part where the devil possessed the unborn baby. Now that's so sad and so bad!


I actually dedicate this movie to those who doesn't believe in anything. If you like issues about religion, heaven and hell topics and other theology issues then this movie is for you! Watch the trailer below:

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