Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Movie Review: 127 Hours

By Sai

There is no force on Earth more powerful than the will to live.

I think nobody will contradict me for saying, "Life is an adventure." This whole journey leads to a lot of mistakes and learnings. Some of us lives like every day is their last day on Earth. They travel, they eat, they shop, they love and they are open to new things in life. And for some, they are afraid to even go out of their room to explore.

I really believe in the statement above: "There is no force on Earth more powerful than the will to live." You will really do anything just to live. I even watched a movie before, that even though the characters find cannibalism immoral, they still ate their own kind (human) just to live.


I must commend James Franco for doing a great job in this movie! Man, I can really feel his pain! Everything is perfect! Though the movie is just about James Franco and all I can see is his face, it didn't bore me at all!

You can watch the movie trailer below. If you've seen this movie, feel free to

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