Friday, September 16, 2011

Movie Review: Glee, the 3D Concert Movie

By Sai

I am a Glee fan so I cannot be more bias than this! This concert movie is the best! It gave me chills, goosebumps and if I am allowed to stand in the cinema and dance... I would!

Who's my favorite character? Of course, that would be Rachel! She's the exact reflection of me when I was still a student (both high school and college). I know our types can be a bit (well not really a bit but a lot) annoying but we are who we are! And let's not forget the breath-taking talent of Mike! Oh, I love him! He just makes me wanna dance every time I see him dancing on the screen!

I love how the people behind this concert movie executed the entire song number and real life Gleeks! If you're going to ask me why a lot of people love Glee, it's simply because we see some part of ourselves in this hit TV show! As for me, I am musically inclined. I play the guitar and knows how to play the piano a bit. I dance well and I love singing (though singing doesn't love me hahaha!).

I was with my brother when I watched this and we both groove to the beat of every song in our seat. If only I can scream that moment, I would! Good thing the lady beside us doesn't mind because (hello????) it's Glee and we're not supposed to just sit there and be so serious. Not at all! It's a concert!

You really have to see this concert movie! It will only run in cinemas for two weeks starting September 21! If you're not yet convinced watch the trailer below and some clips I found through 20th Century Fox-Philippines' fan page. You'll love it!

If you're a Glee fan too, drop a comment below! I would love to know what you think about their 3D concert movie ;)

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