Monday, October 20, 2008

How to do your own make up for prom

By Sai Verano

Wanting to have that star-like make over for you? Trying to figure out what makeup to wear on your prom night? I have read an article and let me share its content to you. This will help you do your own makeup in minutes and be the star of the night.


Turn heads on prom night with subtle eyes and party-red-y lips! Forget trying to turn your almond shaped peepers into doe eyes! Play up your sexy pout instead. To have this look try these:

1. A flawless base is the perfect foil for dramatic lips. Use a damp sponge to apply liquid foundation in a light formula. This will even out skin and smoothen imperfections.
2. Don’t overload lids with color. Use a neutral shadow with some shimmer to keep focus on your kisser.
3. Don’t use harshly matte lippies or overly glossy ones. For makeup newbies, use a rich red lip liner to fill in lips, then top with lip balm or a bit of gloss applied sparingly with your finger.
4. Red lips paired with a simple updo (no tendrils, please!) will make your look elegant, not over-the-top.


For totally ojos-ome peepers, use bolder hues like purple, blue or green. Want your eyes to brighten? A cool shade of liner around the rims will do the trick!
1. Let your makeup shine – without the oil slick! Keep your face matte and fresh with face powder.
2. Not-so-pro? Don’t fret! If eye makeup seems too complicated for you, experiment with bright-colored eyeliner instead.
3. Keep the rest of your makeup simple with peach blush and nude lippie.
4. If you’re in a playful mood, color sets the stage for some experimentation. Be a whimsical prom fairy with face and body glitter!
5. Keep your hair sleek to balance your look. Some shine serum will smoothen those strands in a jiffy!

Just because you’ve outgrown Barbie doesn’t mean you can’t make bubblegum shades work for you. For fair femmes, pink is the easiest route to Prettyville – as long as you don’t OD on one sgade for your entire dace!
1. Use baby pink for pretty, flushed cheeks. Layer powder blush over a cream formula for staying power.
2. A coral-pink gloss on your kisser looks striking yet natural.
3. For your eyes, mix your pinks with subtle lilac and lavender for depth. And don’t forget your eyeliner! You’ll need to have definition around your eyes or you’ll look frostbitten – not cool.
4. Don’t bother with an intricate ‘do. A few wispy stands will make you look effortlessly gorgeous!


Got a to-die-for tan? Play it up with brown, gold and bronze! Load up on sexy shimmer and steal the show with your prom queen glow!
1. Use concealer, foundation, and powder that stay true to your skin tone. Stick to yellow-based shades – pink-toned products will look like Caladryl on your face!
2. Sweep bronzing powder all over your face for a slight sheen that will show off your fab complexion.
3. Cream shadow in the gold-brown color family is foolproof to apply (no tools needed!). Don’t hold back on the mascara!
4. Gals with short ‘dos can achieve a sassy style with the right products! Some wax can go a long way; you can create different looks with it! For a dressy touch, try sparkly accessories like beaded barrettes or rhinestone-studded headbands.

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