Monday, October 20, 2008

How to make your own brooches?

Dress up a blah outfit with an eye-popping homemade brooch!

Bendable wire (purchase at any crafts store)
Seed beads
Crystal beads
Safety pins

1. Bundle up 2 to 3 crystal beads with your wire for the center of the flower.
2. Twist wire three times to lock in place. DO NOT KNOT.
3. Create a loop for the first petal by stringing 9 to 10 seed beads
4. Stitch in wire inside the bundle for the next loop.
5. Do numbers 3 and 4 again and make 5 loops to form the flower’s petals.
6. After finishing the beaded flower, get a pin and knot your beaded flower to the back spine of the safety pin.
7. Wear it on your favorite top, jeans, bag, or even your prom dress. Create as many brooches as you want to give any piece of clothing a unique look!

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