Saturday, December 4, 2010

SAW: The Final Chapter Movie Review

By Sai
It’s been so long since I posted a movie review. I’ve been very busy with my real work as a Digital Influence Specialist that I have no time to watch TV anymore. It was my college friend, Kristine, who told me that Saw 7: The Final Chapter is now being shown in the cinema. I hope you’re all aware that I am a big fan of SAW movies so I had to leave all my work (professional and blogging works) behind and head to the nearest cinema to watch the final leg of this great movie!

As expected, SAW will always be as morbid as ever! I was literally shouting at the cinema (Don’t worry. It’s okay. Everybody was shouting) because of the first scene. It was straight to a morbid game set up by no other than Hoffman. What I don’t like about Hoffman’s personality is that he’s not even close to Jigsaw’s way of creating a game. There’s literally no way to survive a game by Hoffman. Remember the fifth movie (I think) where he made killed his sister’s ex-boyfriend just to take his revenge? Hoffman, go to hell!

That scene was followed by Jill’s dream. I thought it was really for real. Thank goodness it was only a dream! Whew!

I have a friend who told me that this movie was disappointing. I beg to disagree. This movie was GREAT TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL! I suggest to those who wants to see this last episode to watch all 6 movies first. That way, you’ll get a better perspective of what the movie and the jigsaw game is all about. Just a friendly advise though, make sure you’ve already eaten and that you’re prepared for a bloody encounter with the victims’ stories of survival.


I was surprised at how the story ended. It was not disappointing but it was mind opening. Hint: think about all the victims of Jigsaw and you’ll be surprised how that victim will end everything.

I definitely recommend this movie to movie buffs who love suspense movies. This one is off the hook!

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