Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tanging Ina: Last na 'To Movie Review

By Sai

Photo courtesy of SM Cinema
December 25 means invasion of the cinemas by nothing but quality Pinoy movies. I just don't get it why there are horror films during the Manila Film Festival. I believe that movies during this season should inspire people, not frighten them. Oh well, who am I to decide? As long as we support Filipino movies, I'm cool with that ;)

Tonight, we watched Tanging Ina: Last na 'To. According to TV commercials, it's the last sequel for this comedy film. Mom told me that it looks so corny but because I have been part of the first two movies, I decided to drag her to the cinema with my Auntie Nene and my godchild, Uno, to watch it with me.


Corny? No way! It's a major major laugh trip! The punch lines are super catchy and I like this movie better than the second one. The story board is flawless! The story pinched the viewers' hearts. I just loved the crowd I was with. We were all laughing out loud and you can even hear us say, "Awwww" (this means that we were touched by the scene)


This is one of the things that I  love about Tanging Ina films. It's a comedy film but the lesson is deep! It talks about a mother who raised 12 kids and how she taught them everything about life, love and family. In this last sequel, Yna (Ai-ai Delas Alas) wants to emphasize the value of loving each member of the family. We don't realize this but when our parents are gone, we only have our siblings to be with us through thick and thin.


Before I watched the film, I have one interesting question at the back of my mind: Will Eugene Domingo's acting eat Ai-ai's?

In the second movie, I felt like Eugene was the key character that made me laugh. She shone! In this movie, there was a perfect balance between Ai-ai and Eugene's screen personalities. Eugene played as the best partner and Ai-ai was in total control of the entire story. Eugene has her own appeal in comedy films and she made use of it to make Ai-ai shine even more. Ai-ai still got the best punch lines and I'm happy the script writer realized his/her fault last movie. Ai-ai is the center of the story so it's just fair and just if she gets all the beautiful lines ;)

Watch Tanging Ina: Last na 'To! It's the perfect bonding movie for your entire family. It's the perfect "trip" for your barkada  (friends). I highly recommend it!


  1. Hi,

    This is a really nice post. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Disagree with the review. Eugene ate Ai-Ai still in the 3rd movie. Non of Ai-Ai's lines was funny enough for me.


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