Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hereafter Movie Review

By Sai

When I first saw the trailer of this film, I got so interested with two things:

  • What's life after death?
  • How will the movie establish its story using Matt Damon's psychic ability?
Unfortunately, I didn't get any answers :( Some of my friends told me that it was a great movie but (I'm sorry) it was pretty plain for me. Well, I think I have to watch the movie again.
The only thing that I like about this movie is the story of the twins. I felt so sad when Jason (the older one) died. I feel anger especially to those who's the reason for his death. I feel the character of the other twin brother when Jason died. He was so dependent on him and I can imagine the pain he's dealing with.

I cried when Matt Damon talked to Jason. Jason was looking after his twin brother even when he's not physically around. This made me think, "Do dead people's soul is able to do this? For real?"


I don't want to have Matt Damon's ability. It's so hard to live this life without touching anything or someone. I can't live knowing other people's life and those that's so dear to them (who's dead) just by touching them even just for a second. Sometimes, there are things that we shouldn't know.


I get the point that there are three stories in this movie and that the strategy was to connect them towards the end. I just got so tired with how the movie builds up the story. It's too long and the phasing is too slow. I don't like the ending either. It kept me hanging.

Until now I'm curious why I often here an advertisement over the radio that this movie was so great. I'm willing to watch this movie for the second time around. As soon as I've watched it I'll make another review and hopefully I'd post something positive by then. 

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion.

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