Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love and Other Drugs Movie Review

By Sai

Love and Other Drugs
It's a good thing I'm in a new relationship right now because if it's the other way around then I could've tripled the amount of tears that I produced when I saw this movie! I can't say anything but "Bravo!"


We all heard the saying, "Love comes when you least expect it." Today I will sum it up with only three words - Love is unexpected.

Love (truly) comes when you're not looking for it. Same logic as when you're looking for a pen and you can't find it. After a few days, when you're not looking for the pen anymore, you'll find it just on top of your bed drawer. Odd isn't it? I think it's because when we're looking for something, we pay too much attention on where to find it, how to get it, and what should we do to own it. Life is a matter of proper timing.

This movie, somehow reminds me of A Walk to Remember but this is very different. Anne Hathaway is such a great actress! She played the role so well, and she made me cry especially during the last part. OMG! I'm trying my best not to give any spoiler here hahaha.


Most of us ladies (admit it) have our ideal man, who we're going to spend the rest of our lives with. We want them to be good looking, smart, funny, etc. I like Jake Gyllenhaal's character. He's this smart guy who's a great talker - a perfect salesman for me! Well, if you'll ask me, Jake's skill set in this movie is the same skill set that I want my guy to have (luckily my boyfriend is like that too. So, yes, I'm super happy about that!).

Jake is this cute guy who would be rich if having sex and hitting on girls is a business! I really find guys like this interesting. Why? Because you would never think that they would fall in love. We judge them as this happy-go-lucky guy and this I'm-gonna-have-sex-and-girls-as-much-as-I-want type of guy. Personally, I'm not a firm believer that guys like these really do fall in love. Despite this belief, I always find it so cute, touchy and sweet every time I see guys like Jake's character fall in love with fragile girls like Anne Hathaway's character.

I'm going to need you more than you need me.
Love and Other Drugs will be shown in your favorite cinemas starting January 26, 2011. I recommend it for single ladies out there so that you'd be inspired to keep on believing that Mr. Right will come when you least expect it and to those who's in a relationship to value the love that you currently have.

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