Saturday, November 6, 2010

Due Date Movie Review

By Sai
Zach Galifianakis on Due Date
The last comedy I watched made me laugh but Due Date? Dude! You’re a very boring person if you can’t get the jokes! It was really amazing!


I pity Robert Downey Jr. in this film. He is your ordinary professional guy working at the office as an architect. Cool, right? He is very proper, strong and intelligent. Can you imagine his misery when he was with Zach?
Oh boy, oh boy! Speaking of Zach, he really portrayed his character well! Bravo to Zach for a wonderful execution of his role. Though I’m still not sure if he’s just making me laugh in the movie or if he’s really playing a gay role until now, I did not really pay too much attention on the characters gender because every time I try to watch the film attentively and critically, I just can’t help but put aside my “movie reviewer” side and just laugh out loud (literally LOL). Zach is one pain in the ass! He definitely gave justice to his jolly and innocent character! He pulled it off!


Life is definitely unpredictable! Sometimes you can help but go with fate’s flow. Robert and Zach met by accident and became friends at the end. Honestly, if I were Robert Downey Jr., I’d punch Zach at the face and would have probably left him alone when I got the chance to run away. Every time I’m putting myself in Robert’s shoe I’m pissed off! Zach has a very jolly personality though :)


There were so many but here are few of the lines I remembered:

“Dad… you were like a father to me.” – Hahahaha, how stupid and funny!
“What’s that sound?” – Zach is masturbating. WTF*ck!?!
“Dad enjoyed coffee. In the end he was enjoyed as a coffee.” – This is supposed to an “Awww” moment but still I laughed


It’s worth every penny! Promise! I’m not selling this movie to you but I’m just sharing how much this movie made me laugh to the point that I’m using my Dairy Queen spoon to point Zach at the screen because I can’t stop laughing! If only there was space for me to roll over the carpet at the cinema, I would. This is a perfect movie for you, your friends and family. It’s one of the perfect ways to bond with your loved ones. Not convinced yet? Check out the movie trailer below. Due Date opened yesterday, November 5, 2010. Watch it and you’ll never regret the moment you stepped in the movie house.


  1. Due Date(Git Başımdan) intresting movie. I read summary and watch trailer. You can find details on Mynet Sinema detail link is here.

  2. Thanks for dropping your comment Burcu! I love this movie so much! Very funny =))

  3. Thanks so much for this review, I was wondering if I should watch this movie tonight or not, am really in the mood for a crazy but good comedy. Thanks!

  4. This movie is very funny. The actors are great. This movie shows that you can never be too prepared for big things to happen in your life like becoming a father for the first time.

  5. @Due Date - wow thanks for dropping by :) I'm glad my post helped you decide whether to watch it or not :)

    @Due Date 2010 - Yes, I definitely agree! This is a very funny movie packed with lessons in life executed in a very funny way ^_^


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