Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Easy A Movie Review

By Sai

High school life is tough. If you’ll agree with me, what you are right now is (mostly) because of your good and bad high school experience. I am a living proof of this. High school is your early exposure of the adult life you’ll encounter in the future, say college life where everything is so serious because of the uncertainty that’s waiting for you in the great unknown. High school is where you can still laugh, breathe, hang out with your friends, and fight with your fellow students and… LIE!


Easy A is (if I must say) the perfect movie that depicts the real deal in “trying to fit in” in the “cool zone” of famous high school girls and boys. When you’re too good to be true, people will think you’re a jerk. If you’re still a virgin, “cool people” would think of you less. Hey, c’mon! What’s up with that? This movie, particularly, tackles losing your virginity as your passes to stardom!

Everything started with a lie and Emma’s life suddenly turned 360 degrees – from no one to someone (a teenage slut to be very specific). Now, I like the twist in the “two-faced” scenario where the lie is also a lie. Come to think of it? You can lie with your lie? Hahaha LOL

Emma Stone’s character has a great heart for helping people. That kind heart feels responsible in taking responsibility to other people’s sh*t. She’s actually acting in good faith. She just wants to help other people by lying about what truly happened. Because she’s so kind she’s the one getting in trouble.


Lying is a no no. I know, I’m not a saint. I lie when needed but this is an extreme scenario. I won’t put my dignity in danger just because I want to help other people. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a very helpful person but the means of helping in this movie is a disaster! There are other ways to help. In addition to this, people should take responsibility of all their acts. Don’t let other people suffer just because you screwed up!


I know it’s hard but don’t mind what other people say. Be yourself! I always tell this to kids who feel alone. If you’re the (sorry for the term) jerk kid in school, don’t mind. Jerks are genetically capable of succeeding in their chosen careers simply because they’re so into it they don’t stop at just “okay”, they want excellence! Don’t mind that blonde girl bullying you. Count 1 to 5. In 5 years she’ll be pregnant, will have a kid, will stop attending school, will work, and will be so f*cked up! Don’t mind that hot football player who keeps on telling you to go in your room and slash your wrist. Count 1 to 5. In 5 years he’ll be so cool he’ll date and sleep with all the hot girls in town and will be the “hot daddy” of all the kids in the block. Hahahaha. Empower yourself. Be blinded by your passion and work hard to achieve your goals. Life is not about being in or not. Life is about having fun, taking chances, taking action, taking responsibility, making mistakes and learning from it and, most importantly, LOVING YOURSELF!

Watch the trailer of Easy A below. I hope you had fun reading my Easy A movie review ;)

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