Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4

By Sai
The Amazing Race Asia Season 4
I got the chance to meet the Philippine Team of The Amazing Race Asia Season 4. They're so cool and funny! Our Team Pinoy includes Richard and Richard (no they're not twins but both of them are good looking so we can say that they came from the same specie of good-looking guys) and Lani and Jess.

Fierce! I always wanted to join games or contests like this one. I'm very competitive hahahaha :)) By this time, I know you've already seen the Legaspi, Albay leg of their race. It's so funny, right? We watched it at the National Sports Grill in Greenbelt 3. I like the bungee jumping part. It's so freaking scary! I don't like the swing part either. These guys are so brave! We had a lot of fun and people are cheering inside the restaurant every time there's something funny hahaha.
This is what I'm talking about. PDA stars are cheering too!
My spot at the National Sports Grill. The screen is where we're watching the advance screening of The Amazing Race Asia Season 4
Food was served and it was super yummy! This is fried squid.
Ehem. And then there was some alcoholic beverages served. Cheers!
Me with the Philippine Dream Academy Gang
Philippine Team at The Amazing Race Asia Season 4
Me and my boyfriend (ehem, just kidding) Richard of the Philippine Team. Go Pilipinas!
Let's continue watching The Amazing Race Asia and let's cheer for our kababayans!

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