Friday, November 19, 2010

Unstoppable Movie Review

By Sai

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When I first saw the movie trailer of Unstoppable in one of the advance movie screenings I usually attend, I was so interested. I’m so glad that Jay invited me to see this movie.


This movie is a heroic act of two men to save many lives. If you’ll look at it that way you’ll think, “Hey, there’s nothing new with that movie.” If you’re actually thinking that way I say, “Nope, you’re wrong!”
I’m so amazed with how they presented the story in the movie. It’s so nice that the movie kept the momentum of feeling the danger for almost an hour and a half where all you can see in the screen is a moving train. I love the fact that they even incorporated Physics in it. I told you, I love films where I’ll think (though this is not like Inception where even after the movie, I’m still thinking).


Screw people who are in the top management who don’t care about the safety of their men and of the people. Ever heard the term “socially responsible?” I hate the big belly guy in this movie because he doesn’t care at all! What kind of a leader he is? All he can think of is “money.” It’s a good thing he has men working for him who are directly his opposite – men with kind hearts.


Here’s the challenge: If you’re one of the conductors of the train who’ll possibly be hit by an unmanned train, would you do the same thing as what Will and his companion did? Would you risk losing your life just to save a town? Honestly, I don’t know. It’s all about a matter of circumstance. If I were one of the main characters in the movie, I don’t know if I’ll do the same. Hey, I’m just being true. With this in mind, I truly applause them! They’re so brave. They deserve more than respect and appreciation.

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